It is nice to watch a good movie. This list is in no particular order and in no way complete, but the more I like a movie or show the closer it will be to the top.

» The Back to the Future trilogy
» Mystery Men
» The Royal Tenenbaums
» The Fifth Element
» Rushmore
» The Life Aquatic
» Oceans 11
» Oceans 12
» The Hudsucker Proxy
» That Thing You Do
» Raising Arizona
» Stranger Than Fiction
» Ferris Buellers's Day Off
» Breaking Away
» Hoosiers
» Napoleon Dynamite
» The Princess Bride
» Stupid and pointless Adam Sandler movies
» Dave
» Cars
» The Incredibles
» A Bug's Life
» Monster's Incorporated
» Finding Nemo
» Toy Story 1 and 2
» Nacho Libre
» An Ideal Husband
» The Best Two Years
» The Importance of Being Earnest
» The Sandlot
» O Brother Where Art Thou?
» A Christmas Story
» An American President
» Connie and Carla
» The World's Fastest Indian
» The Goonies
» The Count of Monte Christo
» The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
» Star Wars 1-6
» The Star Trek Movies
» Galaxy Quest
» Art School Confidential
» Talladega Nights
» Weird Science

TV Shows

We don't really watch too much TV. If we watch TV shows it is after the season has come out on DVD.

» Lost
» 24
» The Office
» Art:21 on PBS
» Michael Palin's BBC travel adventures: Around the World in 80 Days, Sahara, Great Railway Journeys, Full Circle, North Pole, Himalaya and Hemingway Adventure
» Myth Busters
» Any kind of sports as often as I am allowed to
» Home Improvement
These are some of the things that I enjoy.
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