There are a lot of different types of things I enjoy doing. This list is in no particular order and in no way complete.

» Spending time with my family.
» Watching a beautiful sunrise/sunset.
» Eating a good hamburger.
» Spending a Tuesday on the slopes with a board strapped to my feet.
» Playing UNO with the girls.
» Playing Battleship with Cailin.
» Earning a fun downhill run with a tough uphill climb on my bike.
» As crazy as it sounds, working out.
» Playing basketball with people shorter than me.
» Touch football on a fresh mowed lawn.
» Teaching.
» Opening a new piece of computer equipment.
» Noodling on the guitar.
» Figuring out how things work.
» Uploading a web page and having it work the first time.
» Identifying fonts everywhere I go.
» Making graphic design.
» Printmaking.
» Listening to music.
» Surfing the internet.
» Reading.
» Killing time in a good bookstore.
» Killing time in a good record store.
» Taking a road trip.
» Taking photographs.
» Playing golf.
» Snorkeling.
» Collecting design and art books.
» Collecting vintage cameras.
» Keeping a journal. Old school pen on paper every day.
» Taking an afternoon nap.
» Watching a movie with the family and a big bowl of popcorn.
» Traveling and exploring.
» Washing the car.
» Looking at the house and yard just after a good lawn mowing.
» Swimming with the family.
» Watching a college football game live on a crisp autumn afternoon.
» Being in the midwest anytime. Especially the Fall.
» Listening to the ocean.
» Going to museums, all kinds. Museums are fun.
» Talking to Mamacita.
» Creating things.
» Building something and not having it fall apart.
» Having a good game of catch with my Dad.
» Flying a kite on a windy afternoon.
» Going home from work early.
» Seing my kids smile and succeed.
» Cleaning up a mess and enjoying the clean space.
» Eating a fresh snow cone on a hot day.
» Showing up on time.
These are some of the things that I enjoy.
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