Nelly Duff

More to inspire you from another London gallery. Good prints.
25 September 2008

Keep Calm

A great gallery in London selling wonderful prints. Lots here to keep you inspired.
25 September 2008

Abby Clawson Low

Great work from Abby. She used to work for Design MW and Kate Spade. Her blog Hi + Low is worth a RSS subscription.
25 September 2008

Getting Caught Up

It may be more than 4 months since my last post, but that doesn't mean I haven't been looking. I will be trying to clean out my back log over the next few days (or weeks). It's good to be home.
25 September 2008

What is Your Zip Code

This is an amazing piece of programming. Ben Fry's zipdecode. The all streets map is ineresting too.
6 May 2008

Mac Apps

I love lists like this. 100 Mac Apps and 6 screen shot utilities. I use Paparazzi.
6 May 2008

Tom Waits Press Conference

A link to a great pre-tour press-conference from Tom Waits. I would love to see him live. From the DDC.
6 May 2008

Post Typography

Nice work. Interesting home page. Annoying page re-size thingy.
5 May 2008

I Agree 100 Percent

Midwest is best. The graphic stylings of Mike Perry.
5 May 2008

Minus Five

Nice design, good writing and some fo the most interesting navigation I have seen in a while.
5 May 2008

I (heart) Scrapbookers

Well, not all of them, just mine. Interesting article by Jessica Helfand from an upcoming book about the history of Scrapbooking.
4 May 2008

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