The Daily Heller

I stumbled upon The Daily Heller while researching the previous post. I am surprised I did not read about about during Steven Heller Week over at Unbeige.
29 November 2007


I found the link to this interesting rant disguised as a critique on the work of Shepard Fairey on Design Observer. Also from The Daily Heller on the Print Forum. Well worth the read.
27 November 2007


I have finally seen Helvetica! Great movie, great soundtrack. I made an iMix of the soundtrack on iTunes and you can grab it here.
26 November 2007

Design vs. Decoration

Very good article by Steven Heller on Design Observer.
25 November 2007

Go Cougs!

BYU beats Utah 17-10 and all is right in the world.
25 November 2007

Learning From a 4th Grader

I was helping Madelyn with a book report and she had the word pentominoes in her report. So I looked it up and these things are quite interesting, especially the 3D versions.
22 November 2007

NPR Music

This looks like a treasure trove of interesting things. Via Airbag Industries
19 November 2007

Design is Only Skin Deep

This is an interesting article about Dubai. I like it when the writer does not gloss over this place and sees it for what it is. It is interesting, but it does have it's problems.
18 November 2007

The Helmet Project

This is a nice site with all of the craziness of college football this year. Ever wonder what kind of helmet Kansas was wearing in the 60's? Now you know.
18 November 2007

Too Long

It has been too long between postings. I will try to do better.
18 November 2007

Because the links are so good the first time, you want to see them again and again.

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