Feltron 2006 Annual Report

Had a sweet treat in the mail today. I received my copy of the Feltron 2006 Annual Report by Nicholas Felton. Very nice.
28 March 2007

The new CS

The new version of Adobe Creative Suite is out now, and quite colorful.
28 March 2007

Spotlight Safari

Sweet little plug-in I just downloaded for Safari. Via swissmiss.
28 March 2007

Get some modern

I am teaching abut the beginings of the modernist movement and found some nice sites about Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's landmarks. Here, here and here. Enjoy.
28 March 2007

This American Life Redesign

This American Life unveils a new site design. Very nice. And you can watch clips from the TV show too. I wish you could get the show on iTunes.
23 March 2007

The Dawgs are Done

It was a valiant effort, but the Jayhawks proved too much for the Salukis.
23 March 2007

2007 Schedule

BYU has announced the 2007 football schedule. Looks like the first few games could be rough. Let's hope the new QB is good.
21 March 2007

Sinking ships

Bought the new Modest Mouse album yesterday. I have been listening today and it's not to bad.
21 March 2007


SIU returns to the Sweet 16 after a win over Virginia Tech. Tough test coming up on Thrursday with Kansas.
21 March 2007

Section update

I have updated the links in the small about section to the left. Father and husband now have pages attached to them that tell you all about my wonderful family.
17 March 2007

On to the next

SIU advances to the second round for the second year in a row. They face Virginia Tech next. Too bad Illinois lost, that would have been a fun matchup to watch.
17 March 2007

Foiled again!

Well, BYU didn't make it out of the first round alive. Lost to Xavier by 2 lousy points. Salukis don't fail me now!
16 March 2007

Welcome to the Blogosphere

Well I did it. I now have a blog/journal section of my website. You can navigate there by clicking on the "Notes" section to the left. Or you can click right here. It is up to you. I hope you enjoy reading it. Step two is now complete!
15 March 2007

Uncle Milty

I swear, every time I hear Milton Glaser speak I gain more respect for him. A great man and a great designer.
14 March 2007

What does your brain sound like?

Very interesting series about science and technology at Studio 360. I highly recommend a subscription to their podcast.
13 March 2007

Be your own jerk

I had an idea similar to this when I was in graduate school. Mix your own flavor and be your very own soda jerk, all with one bottle. Via Coudal
13 March 2007

Schools of Thought

The Schools of Thought Conference finished up yesterday. I wish I could have been there. Maybe in a year or two.
12 March 2007

Selection Sunday

It looks like both the Salukis and the Cougars will make the NCAA Tournament this year, the only question will be the seeding.
UPDATE: Salukis are #4 in the West Region and the Cougars are #8 in the South Region. Get your bracket here.
11 March 2007

Because the links are so good the first time, you want to see them again and again.

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