What would Paul Rand think

The New College Beat is an interesting experiment in funding ones Ivy League education. Yeah. Via Hi + Low
31 July 2007

Yale MFA 2007

I didn't remember hearing anything about the annual Yale MFA show this year so I went looking. The jury is still out on this thing.
31 July 2007

Very Nice

Work from Japanese video/sound/design/artist Takagi Masakatsu. Absolutely beautiful.
31 July 2007

Apple PROfiles

Apple has been doing these profiles for a while it appears. Why haven't I noticed? Lots of cool stuff like this and this.
31 July 2007

Nothing like Venice

A trip to the dentist today for a filling lead to some unfortunate and possibly painful research.
30 July 2007

Ten by Ten

This news website, is a marvel of web technology and a nice way to get the headlines.
30 July 2007

Three Brothers

The trailer for the new Wes Anderson film The Darjeeling Limited is out now. Can't wait.
30 July 2007

Because the links are so good the first time, you want to see them again and again.

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