A Confluence of Events

End of semester, finals week, looking for a job, advising students and a new baby learning how to sleep have all come together and lead to a lack of psoting. We are in the home stretch and have a backlog of things that I have found interesting over the last few days. Just a few more days and then I can rest. Oh, and Happy Holidays!
25 December 2007

The Wall

I was nosing around on the Coudal site today and discovered the Video Wall. Good for at least an hour of fun.
17 December 2007

The Godfather of Film Openings

A very well researched list of film titles designed by Saul Bass. No film clips but the still image sequences are fun anyway.
17 December 2007

Archives Are Fun

I stumbled upon the archives of the CBC Radio 3 magazine again today. This was a really great idea beautifully executed. Too bad it is no longer. Dang Canadians.
17 December 2007

Around the World

An interesting project from Airbag Industries. The goal is to get a picture from every timezone with Airbag on the screen. The results are nice. Check out +4.
13 December 2007

Self Reference at Pixar

Interesting article about all of the references the animators at Pixar make to other Pixar movies inside of Pixar movies. This is one of our favorite things to do when a new Pixar movie is released.
12 December 2007


My favorite part of the coverage of Art Basel and Design Miami over at Unbeige is Overheard in Miami. Like this one: So how long has this Rauschenberg guy been around anyway?
12 December 2007

Delicious Type

Chocolate type. Yum. Found on the blog of Hoefler & Frere-Jones. I am not even mad about them partially stealing the name of my blog.
11 December 2007

Color Palettes

I am always on the look out for interesting color palattes. This blog takes the fashion photos posted on The Sartorialist and creates a 5 color palette based on the colors in the image. Nice.
11 December 2007

Photo Blogs

While preparing for a lecture on photography this morning I came across two really interesting photo blogs. Ground Glass and Muse-ings. Recommended and bookmarked.
11 December 2007

More Money Than Sense

The most expensive vanity plate on the planet. Number 5.
10 December 2007

Fun With Words

Back in 2001 I played around with a nifty little app called MacProse that generated random sentences. It didn't work very well with OS X so imagine my delight when I found PyProse, the OS X version of the same program. We are using it for a Typography 2 project and it looks interesting so far.
10 December 2007

Whats That R2?

The R2D2 translator. Way cool. It would be fun to create a podcast using the translator. Via Coudal
06 December 2007

A Crummy Commercial?

The Christmas Story house renovated to all of it's former movie making glory. And be sure to check out the leg lamps at the store. Via Chris Glass
05 December 2007

What's In a Name?

I am a sucker for a good title and this one is good. I am not sure you will find a more interesting combination of images anywhere else.
05 December 2007

Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre

No explanation. No information. Really interesting.
05 December 2007

The Breakup Song

A month or so ago This American Life did a story about writing the perfect breakup song. At the end of the story they put the tracks on the web and invited people to remix and make it their own. The results are really well done. My personal favorite.
02 December 2007

Evel Knievel

The greatsest daredevil of all time died yesterday at the age of 69. I had one of those ripcord Evel Knievel motorcycles when I was a kid and I remember watching some of his jumps on the television. RIP.
01 December 2007

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