São Paulo Não Logo

A very interesting photoset on Flickr of the effects of the new no outdoor advertising law in São Paulo Brazil.
20 August 2007

Rare Design Books

A great resource for finding those rare and out of print design and art books. Go through the comments for some other resources as well. Via Quipsologies.
16 August 2007

Updated and Slightly Changed

I have updated my feeds for both the Daily Links and my Blog. I also added links to the right for the new feeds. Be sure to update your RSS bookmarks to my sites.
15 August 2007

Resource Remembered

I had forgotten about this website. A great resource for design books and other things design related. Via the DDC.
15 August 2007

Manifesto Anyone?

With manifestos from 50 different designers (collected by Icon Magazine) there is bound to be something here you can get behind. Via D.O.
14 August 2007

Western State

Western State is a very nice set of short films on different designers from Slowtron and Coudal.
13 August 2007

How to See

SwissMiss brought the re-release of George Nelson's book How to See from Design Within Reach to my attention. Cha-ching.
12 August 2007

Moleskine Detour

I saw something about this traveling Moleskine project, Detour, to promote their city notebooks a while ago and re-deiscovered it with a link from Quipsologies. Lots of really interesting projects, with videos too.
11 August 2007

Crazy Puzzles

Make Magazine has an interesting video about Lee Krasnow, puzzle maker extraordinaire. I get a headache just thinking about solving these puzzles.
11 August 2007

Me as a Simpson

Welcome to Springfield

Kristin Simpson-ized me this morning. Not too bad.
10 August 2007

Adobe Awards

Adobe has published the winners for the 2007 Design Achievement Awards. Nice work.
09 August 2007

Writing and Design

A List Apart has published an article about writing better through design. An interesting read.
09 August 2007

Landmarks and Ballparks

ESPN has a nice article about pieces of historic baseball parks around the country.
09 August 2007

Looking Good

The fine folks over at UnderConsideration (you know, SpeakUp, Brand New etc...) have redesigned their home. Lots to click and explore.
08 August 2007

Show Me the Money

The AIGA has released the new Design Educators Salary Survey. Not too bad, I could have chosen a worse career.
08 August 2007

What A Shame

Barry Bonds hit home run number 756 last night to pass Hank Aaron and it is a shame. I agree with Gene.
08 August 2007

Field Notes in the mail

Special Delivery

I received my Field Notes in the mail today from the DDC. I signed up for the sheet team a week or so ago and surprise, surprise, some quality goods from the USA. Thanks Draplin.
07 August 2007

Handy and Orange

I am sure that these little booklets from CreativeTechs will come in handy if I ever upgrade to CS3. Maybe if I win the lottery.
06 August 2007

On Flying Cars and Paperboys

Some really cool short films from Jack Spade including this one about boys and their paper routes.
06 August 2007

Daily Dose

The Chronicle of Higher Education presents Arts and Letters Daily. Oh my what a resource.
06 August 2007

Summer Fun

Lots of fun things to look at and explore at Kate Spade's Summer Section.
06 August 2007

One Hundred Websites

A very interesting list of 100 different websites you should know and use from TED. They has lots of other really interestings things too. Via.
05 August 2007

Where Are You Coming From

I am definitely going to install this in a few days. Goolge Analytics.
05 August 2007

The Harder You Fall...

Jake Brown ladies and gentelman, X Games 13 silver medal winner. I have never seen a fall like this. Ever. And he walked away. He is still in the hospital with a lung contusion and other injuries.
04 August 2007

PA Press Redesign

I'm not sure when it happened but Princeton Architectural Press has redesigned their site. Looks good and easy to use.
03 August 2007

Good Books

I think Steidl Publishers based in London just might be my new favorite publisher of art and photography books. Beautiful stuff.
03 August 2007

Beautiful Truth

For every minute you are angry you loose sixty seconds of happiness.
03 August 2007

New Resource

The Khatt Network for Arabic Typography looks like it will be a great resource for Arabic typography.
02 August 2007

Good Video

AdamsMorioka have posted some very informing and intertaining video podcasts on YouTube. Fun to watch.
02 August 2007

What Are YOU Working On

That Jim over at The Serif sure has some good ideas. First the weekly re-design and now this. Nice stuff.
01 August 2007

This Is Not A Fugazi Link

This Fugazi Book looks like it should be interesting. They are great live.
01 August 2007

Because the links are so good the first time, you want to see them again and again.

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