Madelyn Jane Russell (MJ for those in the know) is 9 years old and currently in the 3rd grade at the American Community School in Abu Dhabi. The oldest (and the tallest) of our four children Madelyn is a great example to the rest of her family and to her friends at school. If Madelyn is not creating some sort of art project (oragami is her favorite) she is reading a book.


Cailin Rose Russell is 7 (she turns 8 in June) and in Mrs. Self's second grade class at the American Community School in Abu Dhabi. Cailin has the fewest teeth of our four children (for now) and the thickest and most colorful hair. A real fireball, she loves being a big sister and spending quality time with her Gameboy.


Emma Grace Russell (or Miss. Em as we like to call her) is a very precocious four-year-old who will turn five on the first of August. She is attending Stepping Stones pre-school right now nd will join her big sisters at ACS in the fall. Emma is a girly girl if there ever was one, and loves anything and everything princess. Because she is one.


Henry James Russell (The Big H as he was known) is not with us right now. He passed away due to a tragic accident in November of 2006. We really got to know and love this little guy in our two and-a-half years with him, and miss him more than words can express. He will always be with us, an important part of our eternal family.

The Joy of Fatherhood

Being a father is the greatest thing in the world. You get to see the best and the worst of yourself in each of your children. Your strange little quirks are magnified, and you see yourself in minature form. "Was I like this when I was their age?" is a question I ask myself quite often. They will drive you crazy with small things one minute and amaze you with their intelligence and compassion the next. It is a roller coaster ride with millions of chills, thrills and spills every minute.