From the begining

I was born on a Sunday in October in a small town in southern Illinois. The third of six children with two older brothers and three younger sisters. With three boys and three girls we were known in our neighborhood as "The Russell Bunch."

I am the graduate of three schools.
Marion High School (High School Dipoloma, Art Honor Society)
Southern Illinois Univerity Carbondale (BFA in Communication Design)
Fort Hays State University (MFA in Graphic Design)

I am an alumni of the California San Diego Mission (English speaking, 1993-1995) It was indeed the "best two years"

I have been married for ten years. These last ten years have been filled with great adventure, great happiness, great sorrow, a good deal of travel and four amazing and beautiful children.

I have been teaching graphic design at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi for two years. Z(ed)U is an all female university in the United Arab Emirates.

I support three teams vigorously.
The Cougars of Brigham Young University
The Salukis of Southern Illinois University
The World Champion St. Louis Cardinals
Other than these three teams I enjoy sports in general, and prefer college athletics to professional teams and leagues.

Get in touch: studio [at] jonathonrussell [dot] com
Jon's mugshot
Vital stats
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair: Slightly greying
Eyes: Green
Speaks English
Writes: Right handed
Shoots/Throws: Right handed
Rides: Regular foot
Status: Married with children
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