Public Radio favorites

These are the shows that I can get podcasts for in Abu Dhabi

» This American Life
» Studio 360
» Car Talk
» A Prairie Home Companion
» Wait Wait Don't Tell Me

I really like these shows but can't get them in Abu Dhabi. I listen to these when I am in the states.

» Radio Reader with Dick Estell
» NPR All Things Considered
» NPR Morning Edition
» Michael Feldman's Whad'ya Know?

Top 10 favorites bands

These are the bands that I have listened to without fail since I learned that the music you listen to tells people who you are.

» Social Distortion
» The Aquabats!
» The Flaming Lips
» Fugazi
» Cake
» Janes Addiction
» Fishbone
» They Might Be Giants
» Wilco
» The Weakerthans

Last 5 albums purchased

I buy everthing on iTunes because I am not willing to pay the premium for music imported to the UAE.

» Nada Surf Lucky
» Peter Bjorn and John Writers Block
» This Will Destroy You S/T
» Vampire Weekend Vampire Weekend
» Battles Mirrored

Recently played

Straight from iTunes, this is what I have been listening to.
Last updated on May 5, 2008

» The Get Up Kids Guilt Show
» Jawbreaker Dear You
» Jets to Brazil Perfecting Lonliness
» Promise Ring Very Emergency
» The Weakerthans Reunion Tour
» Beck The Information
» Ben Folds Five Whatever and Ever Amen
» Dianogah Millions of Brazillians
» Dianogah As Seen From Above
» Architecture in Helsinki In Case We Die
» Nada Surf Lucky
» Vermont Calling Albany
» Little Miss Sunshine Soundtrack
» Sufjan Stevens Greetings From Michigan the Great Lakes State
d » This Will Destroy You Young Mountain
» Vampire Weekend Vampire Weekend
» Sufjan Stevens Come On Feel the Illinoise!
Music to make things by and radio to walk with.
Support your local public radio station!

I am a proud supporter of WBEZ Chicago Public Radio. Even though I live in the middle east I still support public radio so I can get my podcasts and feel good about it.